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  • Staedtler Watercolor Crayons 12 Pack

    Highly opaque colors blend easily Combine with brush and water for washes of virtually unlimited colors Special effects can be achieved with layering and scratching Perforated paper sleeve keeps hands clean
  • Scola Chubbi Stumps 40 Pack

    Long lasting, hard to break crayons. Strong bright colors, ideal size for little hands.
  • Arts-Arch Fluorescent Oil Pastels

    Oil pastels are an excellent choice for artists of any level. They are extremely soft, smooth and rich colors with a creamy feel and excellent color mixing. They lay down bright, opaque color that’s ideal for rendering, resist and scratch … Read More
  • Scola Chubbi Stumps 8 Pack

    Long lasting, Hard to Break Crayons. Strong Bright Colors, Ideal Size for Little Hands.
  • Prang Kantroll Pressed Crayons

    Twice as strong as regular wax crayons School and early childhood approved Pressed crayon for more brilliant color Flat side keeps crayon from rolling
  • Prang Be-be Jumbo Crayons

    Sized to fit comfortably in the hands of young children. bright colors. Sharpener included. Crayons are break resistant. Washes easily from skin and most clothing.
  • Prang Crayons

    Smoother, Brighter, Less Flaking Compared to Traditional Wax Formula Certified Non-Toxic
  • Prang Gallery Sketcho Oil Pastel Crayons

    Many uses. Oil painting effect, Pastel drawing effect, Transparent effects. Oil Painting Effect – pile on color heavily. Blend with finger or cloth. Pastel Effect – Draw lightly, avoid piling. Staining Effect – Apply on wood. Varnish to seal colors … Read More
  • Prang Decor Glass Crayons

    Wax crayons ideal for drawing on glass and mirrors. The color can be easily removed with a damp cloth.