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  • Prang Kantroll Pressed Crayons

    Twice as strong as regular wax crayons School and early childhood approved Pressed crayon for more brilliant color Flat side keeps crayon from rolling
  • Prang Be-be Jumbo Crayons

    Sized to fit comfortably in the hands of young children. bright colors. Sharpener included. Crayons are break resistant. Washes easily from skin and most clothing.
  • Prang Crayons

    Smoother, Brighter, Less Flaking Compared to Traditional Wax Formula Certified Non-Toxic
  • Prang Classic Markers

    Marker tips last longer and resist damage Versatile tip for broad or fine lines Ventilated safety caps
  • Prang Gallery Sketcho Oil Pastel Crayons

    Many uses. Oil painting effect, Pastel drawing effect, Transparent effects. Oil Painting Effect – pile on color heavily. Blend with finger or cloth. Pastel Effect – Draw lightly, avoid piling. Staining Effect – Apply on wood. Varnish to seal colors … Read More
  • Prang Gallery Watercolor Pencils

    PRANG WATERCOLOR PENCILS are fun Use them like a regular colored pencil. Wet the paint brush and go over the pencil to create a beautiful water color wash. wet a piece of paper and draw directly on  it and watch … Read More
  • Prang Decor Fabric Markers

    Permanent ink markers for fabric – special brush shaped tip – ventilated cap – safety plug. To set color, pass a hot iron over finished drawing. Machine wash cold for longer color retention.
  • Prang Decor Glass Crayons

    Wax crayons ideal for drawing on glass and mirrors. The color can be easily removed with a damp cloth.